Introduction 簡介

S.K. Lee Academy - Chinese Language School


Chinatown | 華埠校區 
50 East Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Richmond | 列治文校區
#860 - 4400 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, B.C., Canada


East Vancouver | 溫東校區
Vancouver Technical Secondary School
2600 East Broadway, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Burnaby | 本拿比校區
Cascade Heights Elementary
4343 Smith Avenue ,
Burnaby ,B.C. V5G 2V5

Coquitlam A | 高貴林校區 A
Gleneagle secondary School
1195 Lansdowne Drive,

Coquitlam B | 高貴林校區 B

Douglas College School
1250 Pinetree Way,Coquitlam





學校現有粵語及國語班級超過300班, 包括學前班,幼兒班,小學部,中學部及深造班等,是卑斯省內最具規模的中文學校

      教學方法 - 學校採用傳統及具創意的教學方法改進學生在聽、講、寫的能力,從而提昇其潛能。本校學生在過去的公開考試方面,曾獲不少殊榮,而老師們深入淺出的教學方法,目的是協助青年人建立自信和勤奮向學。本校經常鼓勵學生參加課外活動,藉此提昇他們對學習中文的興趣。本校教材極具實用價值,並能宏揚中華文化及多元文化價值觀。





      The Chinese Cultural Centre Chinese School was established in 1981.  The school employs highly qualified teachers and structured course materials. Our school is also selected as a Model School of Chinese Language Education by the Government of People's Republic of China. We are currently running over 300 classes, conducted in Cantonese or Mandarin, with over 4,000 students.  Different levels for pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, secondary, and advanced studies are offered.  We are the best-organized Chinese school in British Columbia .

      Teaching Methodology  - We use both traditional and innovative teaching techniques to improve our students’ abilities in reading, writing, listening and speaking Chinese.  This has greatly helped our students excel in all their course work.  Our students have won many awards in open examinations over the past years.

      Our teachers provide in depth analysis of all course content.  It is aimed to help our young people build their self-esteem and become diligent students.  We also encourage our students to participate in extra-curricular activities while constantly working to increase their interest in learning Chinese.  Our course materials are very practical and applicable in everyday life.  We strive to emphasize Chinese culture and the value of multiculturalism.